A job worth doing, is worth doing well
— Our Parents

Decades of experience continues to highlight one simple fact.  The reliability and longevity of any electrical or electronic system is directly related to the quality of the installation and environment where it's located.  


Power Management   

It all begins with good clean power.  Power issues are the #1 source of system malfunctions. Today we can backup and reset your system's power to help keep day-to-day electrical power anomalies from locking up your devices.  


Robust Internet 

A robust, secure network has become more important than ever.  Enterprise grade WiFi that works everywhere you want, movies that don't pixelate and music that doesn't buffer, are all part of the plan... without even knowing what the plan is yet. 


Epic Sound & Video

Sound & Video goes to the very core of what drew us to this industry in the first place.   We're on a lifelong mission of bringing the cinematic and studio experience to the home, preserving the quality & performance intended by the director, producer and artist. 


All Areas Entertainment

Southern California enjoys a year round climate, and digital technologies have greatly expanded our ability to bring the entertainment to any space on your property. 


A Better User Experience

After searching for decades in pursuit of the "ultimate" controller, turns out...there isn't one.  There are many.    We have learned that the best controller is the one that the user is most comfortable with.  So we partner with companies like Crestron that offer the perfect choices for every user, with every kind of system.


Lighting Control

From awesome to accent, the reality of Low Voltage lighting has opened a new world of creative, low power lighting options, while also breaking down the old fashioned notion of single color light.  All-color Lighting Control is an important aspect of our work.


Creature Comforts

Take charge of your environment. Whether setting a thermostat or the temperature of your spa. Many  residential sub-systems can play nice together, making it easier to manage your domain.

Landscape Lighting_1280.jpg

Design & Documentation

Plan your work, work your plan.  A famous quote that we live by.  Without a good plan, you're just winging it.  We believe in putting horsepower into our preparation, to see a virtual overview before the project ever begins.  Our award winning pictographic plans and schematics are produced to be easily understood by techies and non-techies alike.