Founded in 1989 with the simple realization that we can't save the entire world from electronic dysfunction, but we can certainly make a difference for many... 


Like many small companies, ours started with the desire to do it better than others.  A leap of faith that turned into a lifelong commitment to our craft.  Working in a relentless state of continual improvement keeps us far from complacent.  On-going training and industry education helps us keep up our chops.   Knowledge, experience and a refined process means everything, and it's what we bring to the project that sets us apart from the rest.


Resident Creative Thinkers


Kent Penner
"The Mechanic"


Chris Gunst
"The Skipper"


Terry Morton


Kent a native of San Diego, began his journey in construction as a young lad.  He's built about everything you can imagine but he's never seen two days alike in his 19+ years with Land & Sea.  He gets called on daily to help conceive and fabricate details that you can't buy off the shelf.  In his free time, Kent enjoys being outdoors, especially when it’s time to go hit the slopes with his lifelong friends.

Chris is a founding member of Land & Sea. A licensed captain, when he's not helping with everything we pile on his plate, you'll likely find him out on the water - diving and piloting in support of local marine preservation, and his own dedication to the sea.  When we all get too busy, he reminds us to stop and smell the kelp and to always keep our eyes on the horizon so nobody gets seasick.


Terry is the founder and driving force behind Land & Sea.  As a teenager, the dream of becoming a paid musician gave way to the realities of life, so he entered the world of installed sound.  It was a great way to stay engaged with music and also be employed. Nowadays, when Terry isn't buried in his all-consuming electronics work, he relaxes by messing with electronics.  It's his own private hell.