We're fortunate to have worked alongside some pretty awesome people over the years. That's why we focus on residential projects first and foremost,  because that's where the best relationships are.  We are team players, friendly and easy to get along with.  And most importantly, extremely respectful of your spaces, your people and your privacy.  

We are not motivated by greed.  We have a single set of rates, regardless of your neighborhood.  We're properly licensed and insured.  We are forthcoming with all information and operate in a constant state of disclosure.   We don't overcharge on equipment and materials, with our main revenues being generated from our experience, talent and lots of fancy credentials from all our on-going training.

Bringing happiness to people in their favorite habitats is the most rewarding of all the electronic disciplines. Since day one, our projects have always come from referral, or word-of-mouth.  One thing we do know, the simplest rule in business & life boils down to one: The Golden Rule.    We're astounded by how many local providers seem to have lost sight of one simple rule.  

With all that said,  we are a small company and always plan to be a small company, so that we never have to compromise our quality.  We don't overbook projects, so we tend to be busy, but always planning ahead.  If you're also a believer that careful planning before the job begins will always produce the most successful and cost effective results,  and you think your project deserves proper old-school attention to detail in all areas from design | build, to simplified accountability, then we could be the competent and organized A-Team you're looking for.

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