Unless you were born in this decade...


You've experienced different methods of playing the entertainment you want, at the time you want it.  Some easy, some not.  When the analog sun finally set, technology waited for no one, essentially requiring everyone to update their (still working) equipment in order to enjoy modern content.

We rose to the challenge and found a niche in working with HDTV in existing wiring, in ways never before possible. Wireless options are also available when practical.  Whether wired or wireless,  our mission is always to be as non-invasive as we can.  

We often wind up consolidating large racks or cabinets full of equipment down to simple components, freeing space, reducing heat and most importantly, saving power.


Project TV Wall1.jpg

The Condomaximum 

Smaller spaces are perfect for digital living.  From Internet to entertainment services, manufacturers are finally offering products that are meeting the needs of condos, town homes and smaller homes. Over the years by necessity, we've become masters in building "large performance"  into small areas, both indoors and out.


Classic Rancho 

Southern California offers every flavor of architecture,  but most common for our area is single level ranch style.  Figuring out really cool ways to bring older dwellings right into the 21st century is our every day.  We embrace the mantra of "No New Wires."   With a mighty toolbox full of widgets and experience, we consider working within a building's established wiring, an art.  Our Art.


The Estate Home

Larger floor plans require a deeper knowledge of sub-systems along with a "retentive" mindset.  We merge new-school tech with old-school discipline to plan, install and document larger digital projects. Bringing the skill sets to sort out and manage extensive electronic infrastructures, this is where you'll often find us, confidently at work.